PACSESS is a recently established German company, but in fact a business spin-off from Larivière GmbH. Therefore, we posses more than 25 years experience in the digital imaging world, starting from domestic media control devices up to cutting-edge solutions for highly demanding industries such as Healthcare and Non Destructive Testing.
These are the most important milestones in our business life, so you will get to know us better!
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Larivière GmbH Starts Business Activities

Mr. Harold Larivière starts selling audiovisual solutions such as microphones, beamers and soundspeakers.

At this time he is not even imagining what turn of events is about to happen to his recently established one-man business.

Installation Services
First contact with Digital Imaging World

Instead of just moving boxes, Larivière quickly realizes about the tremendous added-value given to our clients by including installation and support into our portfolio.
Clients base grows quickly and so does our family.

The Radiographic "Experience" Starts
First DICOM-14 Compliant Solution for Projectors

Based on particular enquiries from local hospitals. Larivière develops the first worldwide solution for calibrating professional-grade beamers to DICOM-14 Standards. With this propietary technology, we achieve diagnostic image quality on large screen, something totally unseen up to that day.

PACSESS is conceived thanks to this milestone.

Radiological Meeting Rooms
Larivière Makes a Reputation in the Medical Business

„The set up enables us to put our projectors in any space in such a way that they correspond to the lighting conditions so our doctors can watch the very best projections. Only Larivière's solution can do this thanks to their DICOM-calibration Presets.”

Thomas Jacob, Internal Organisation Department
Manager for Gesundheit Nord Klinikverbund

Medical Digitisers
VIDAR Comes to our Lives!!!

Larivière starts his still-living activities in the exigent world of medical digital radiography.
In deep collaboration with VIDAR Co. from USA, we become their master-distributors for EMEA.

Service Partner to Medical IT Market Leaders
VIDAR's official Service Center for EMEA

Continuing our vision of giving all-around solutions and services to our customers. We become VIDAR's official workshop in EMEA for its entire product-range.
Rapidly, we get to sign global contract with major OEM's such as Fujifilm, Siemens, GE and AGFA.

Most of this business relationships still exist today!!!

PACSESS is officially born

Due to the increasing business in the radiology sector and its highly specialization required. Lariviére starts a dedicated business division for this field.

Spreading our know-how
Non Destructive Testing
VIdar NDT Pro

VIDAR NDT Pro Industrial Film Digitizer is released. Larivière immediately picks the opportunity and realizes about the huge potential behind this brand new business field for us.

PACSESS NDT is founded
two different worlds, same challenge!

We immediately realize about the complete separate words healthcare and NDT are. Therefore, we establish a dedicated business division for each field, adapting our knowledge and solutions to their particular approaches and requirements.

Enlarging our Portfolio
Portable DR Solutions

At this time, PACSESS NDT has gone global, with key customers from Canada to Australia. After a thorough internal development, we launched our Portable DR solutions for NDT, which are our benchmark product nowadays.

Holistic IT Solution for NDT

Based on our experience in the medical field, where PACS solutions are widely used. We adapt our extensive knowledge to provide one of the first worldwide holistic solutions for NDT.

We Are Here!
PACSESS flies on its own

PACSESS is now a completely independent company, allowing us to be more flexible and adaptive to the contant-changing IT industry.

The future is in our hands!