AcuScreen NDT Software


Larivière's engineers have developed the software that will make your work with NDTPRO much easier. Either with or without DICONDE support, this software will improve the performance of your film digitizer, giving you processing tools to enhance images and preserve every minute detail when converting them into digital form, which will enable you to correctly interpret radiographs.

AcuScreenNDT Gateway will allow you to adjust your scanner's brightness/contrast settings for dealing with darker older films. You won't miss any relevant specks and spots: porosities, burn-throughs, cracks, offsets and undercuts-you will nail them all on the digital image. You will be able to measure distances, areas, angles, as well as percentages of abnormalities (discontinuities) in particular ROIs. Make your own reports which will be stored with images in the database.

An extra software module will come with our Multi-Strip Film Feeder. The module will provide automatic configuration of the scanner with regard to the feeder: it will always distinguish the slots in use.